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Club Officials Duties

Gordon Head Lawn Bowling Club – Terms of Reference

Committee Chair – Job Description

 The objectives of our club, as stated in the Constitution, are to promote, foster and safeguard the game of lawn bowling, and to encourage and maintain friendship among the members.  A copy of the Constitution and By-Laws is posted on the Notice Board for the information and guidance of all members.

Lawn bowling volunteers are sometimes asked to chair a committee.  These terms of reference provide guidelines for various jobs at the Gordon Head Lawn Bowling Club.

The Officers of the Club shall be: the President, Past President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The Management of the Club is vested in the Executive Committee which shall consist of twelve Directors including the six Officers named above.

All Directors shall serve without remuneration and shall carry out such duties as may be assigned from time to time by the President.  New members are encouraged to participate in committee work.

The Club provides a varied schedule of play commencing in late April and continuing into October, green conditions and weather permitting.  Details of the various events are posted on the Notice Boards and a BSI Calendar of Events Folder is printed annually and issues in April.  The Calendar outlines scheduled Club competitions, Inter Club tournaments and out of town events.

Job descriptions are guidelines which should be reviewed annually and amendments may be proposed at any Executive Meeting.


Subject (Officers)                   Page                Subject (Directors)                  Page

President                                   2                    Games Co-Chairs (2)                8

Past President                           3                    Greens Chair                             9

1st Vice President                      4                    Social Convener                      10

2nd Vice President                     5                    House & Maintenance Chair   11

Club Secretary                         6                    Membership Chair                   12

Club Treasurer                           7                   

                        Appointees:     Coaching Chair                                               13

                                                Telephone Committee Chair                           14

                                                Addendum To Games Co-Chairs                   15

Club President

The President performs the following tasks:

  1. Acts as principal officer of the Club, approves the agenda and presides at Annual, Semi-Annual, Special and Executive Meetings of the Club.
  1. Approves minutes of meetings.
  1. Appoints, as soon as possible after the annual elections, the following
    1. Coaching Chair;
    2. Chief Umpire;
    3. Telephone Committee Chair.
  1. Ensures that all the elected members of the Executive have the tools made available to them to perform their tasks and shall ensure that all jobs within the Club are being performed by someone.
  1. Oversee and participate in all activities in the Club, maintaining ready communications with the Executive Committee members and all other concerned with the activities in question.
  1. Shall be a member ex-officio of all GHLBC committees except the nomination committee.
  1. Shall, along with the Executive Committee, plan and implement new programs when considered appropriate.
  1. Shall liaise with all members to ensure that the wishes of the majority are being met and shall provide follow up, feedback and good communications with all Club members.
  1. Shall liaise with Saanich Municipal Officials and Gordon Head Recreation Center Manager re Club property.
  1. Shall apply to appropriate government agencies, bodies or foundations for financial grants for improvement projects.
  1. Strike sub committees where appropriate.
  1. Ensure that Life Members (non-active) receive the Annual Roster and are kept informed about Club activities.
  1. Selects the official opening date of the Club’s bowling season, choose guest spearkers to be invited for formal occasions, acts as host to visiting bowlers and other visitors and is the Club’s representative at inter-club functions both at home and away.
  1. Ensures that the Club is represented at Lawn Bowl Association Meetings and that the proceedings of these meetings are reported to the Executive Committee.
  1. Shall be one of the three signing officers for the Club bank account.

Past President

The Past President performs the following tasks:

  1. Shall serve on the Executive Committee, attend executive meetings, and perform such tasks as may be assigned from time to time by the President.
  1. Encourage all members, especially new ones, to become involved in all Club activities.
  1. Shall serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee.  The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to provide a slate of Officers and Directors to be considered at the Annual General Meeting of the Club.  The committee may consist of two Club members in addition to the past President.  A proposed slate shall be presented to the Executive Committee for acceptance not later than 30 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
  1. Shall in accordance with Roberts’ Rules of Order, conduct the election of Officers and Directors at the AGM.
  1. Shall promote the traditions of Lawn Bowling, friendship and good sportsmanship in the Club and wherever the game is played.

1st Vice President

The 1st Vice President performs the following tasks:

  1. Officiate in the absence of, or at the request of, the President at any meetings of the Club or the Executive Committee
  1. Represent the President at Club special events when requested to do so.
  1. Perform such tasks as are assigned by the President.

The position of the 1st Vice President shall be considered a training position prior to the assumption of the position of the President.

2nd Vice President

The 2nd Vice President performs the following tasks:

  1. Shall substitute for the President or 1st Vice President as required during their absence.
  1. May be requested to serve on or chair committees as required.
  1. May be assigned tasks by the President from time to time.
  1. Shall arrange and supervise the renting of the Clubhouse facilities.
  1. Shall act as Public Relations Chair for the Club by:
    1. Arranging publication of GHLBC tournament results;
    2. Act as advertising contact for local newspapers, magazines, etc;
    3. Evaluating promotional material sent to the club.


The Secretary shall perform the tasks stipulated in the GHLBC By-Laws, Article 5 and 8:

  1. Prepare notices for General Meetings four weeks prior to the meeting date.  Notices must be received fourteen days prior to the meeting date.
  1. Prepare and maintain a roster of all Club members.
  1. Record minutes of Executive, General and Special General Meetings.
  1. Send the names of Club Officers, following the elections, to the Bowls BC and BSI.
  1. File incoming and outgoing correspondence.
  1. Prepare and send replies to general correspondence received by the Club.  Prepare a duplicate for file.
  1. Correspondence received shall be presented to the Executive Committee for consideration and action.
  1. Serve on the Membership Committee.
  1. Submit the Club membership lists and phone numbers for the BCI roster.
  1. Publish a Club Newsletter periodically for the purpose of keeping members informed of what is happening and what is expected to occur in the future.
  1. Place magazines, periodicals, pamphlets and other handouts in a visible location in the Clubhouse where members may collect a copy.
  1. Clear mail and suggestion box.
  1. Have a petty cash float of $100.
  1. Shall be one of the three signing officers for the Club bank account.


The Treasurer performs the following tasks:

  1. Shall receive all fees and monies due the Club and deposit the same to the credit of the Club in an accredited financial institution, as directed by the Executive Committee.
  1. Ensure that the books are formally audited prior to the AGM.
  1. Prepare an Annual Budget as soon as feasible after the AGM.
  1. Maintain an account of receipts and expenditures.
  1. Make such payments as are authorized by the Executive Committee.
  1. Shall be one of the three singing officers for the Club bank account.
  1. All books and vouchers shall at all times be subject to inspection by the Executive Committee.  The Treasurer shall present a Treasurer’s report at each Executive and General meeting.

Games Co-Chairs

The Games Co-Chairs shall consist of Men’s and Women’s Co-Chairs, who shall be members of the Executive Committee and shall be elected by the membership.

The Games Co-Chairs responsibilities are:

  1. Organize, plan and manage all GHLBC and inter-club competitions as the “Controlling Body” as laid down in the Laws of the Sport of Bowling.  The games falling within the jurisdiction of the Games Co-Chairs are all Club competitions and open competitions held under GHLBC auspices.  The Games Co-Chairs shall conduct the daily draw.  A roster shall be prepared showing Club members who are responsible for the Draw for each day of the week.
  1. Preparation and posting of Entry Forms showing rules for Gordon Head and inter-club competitions.
  1. Accept competition entry fees and place designated prize monies in envelopes for presentation to the winners while retaining an agreed-to portion for the Club.
  1. Conduct an impartial Draw for Gordon Head and inter-club competitions.
  1. Prepare Draw sheets indicating rules, the competitor’s names and rinks of play.
  1. Arrange for Umpires and Markers if required.
  1. Post inter-club entry forms originating at other Clubs on the Notice Board.
  1. Upon completion of a Club competition, determine the competition prize winners.
  1. Assist in the awarding of prizes.
  1. Ensure the names of winners are engraved on trophies prior to the close of the bowling season.
  1. Attend and participate in the BSI Games Committee meetings.
  1. Provide assistance to the BSI Games Committee as required.
  1. Prepare the annual schedule of GHLBC competitions for the BSI schedule.
  1. Prepare and apply rules for GHLBC tournaments.
  1. Arrange and manage GHLBC participation in outside leagues such as Men’s Friday Morning League.
  1. Maintain the games portion of the Club notice board in an orderly manner.
  1. Ensure that Club members are advised of planned activities.
  1. Plan and manage suitable lawn bowling activities for social visits from other clubs and organizations.

While the Men’s and Women’s Co-Chairs are responsible for arranging and conducting their respective tournaments, they shall work together for mixed events.  The co-chairs are delegates to BSI.

All Club members should recognize and gain experience with the various formats used in competitions and tournaments keeping in mind that competition should encourage a maximum number of entries, provide many games and of course identify winners.

The Co-Chairs shall report in writing the progress of their work to each meeting of the Executive Committee.  In addition to a written report the Co-Chairs will report orally to the Club members on their work when invited to do so by the President at the Annual and Semi-annual General meetings of the Club.

Greens Chair

The Greens Committee shall consist of:

a.       The Chair, who shall be a member of the Executive Committee;

b.      Members in good standing selected by the Chair, as are required to perform such duties listed below;

c.       At least one other member of the Executive Committee.

Committee Duties and Responsibilities include:

  1. Care and maintenance of the green, ditches, plinth and backboards.
  1. Normal purchases (fertilizer, sand, seed, etc) will be made by the Green Keeper.  Extraordinary purchases are to be pre-approved by the Executive Committee.
  1. Assure the machinery and equipment used for green maintenance is maintained, through communication with the Green Keeper.
  1. Be knowledgeable about the working of the sprinkler system timer, location of turn-off valves, sprinkler heads and other technical knowledge required to keep the system running in the absence of the Green Keeper.
  1. The decision to play on specific rinks, due to weather or maintenance needs will be made by the Greens Chair or Vice Chair and communicated to the Games Chair.
  1. Keep a yearly inventory of normal and extraordinary purchases for the maintenance of the green.
  1. Ensure that coloured tags are visible in the clubhouse showing rink colour to be used in open draw on a daily basis, other activities during the day will use the same colour while the direction will be rotated 90 degrees.

Green Keeper

The Club Green Keeper shall be directly responsible to the Greens Chair or an appointee who will be responsible for overseeing the work of the Green Keeper.   The Chair will report to the Executive Committee on actions taken.  The terms and conditions under which the Green Keeper is hired shall be determined by the Greens Chair in collaboration with the President or appointed representative and approved by the Executive Committee.  Club members shall confine to the Greens Chair or Vice Chair their complaints related to the green.

Damage To Green Due To Faulty Delivery

The Greens Chair or Vice Chair shall report to the Coaching Chair the name of any member who, through faulty delivery, is causing damage to the green.  The Coaching Chair shall attempt to correct such deficiencies as so inform the Greens Chair.


The Chair shall report progress of his committee’s work and make appropriate recommendations at each Executive Committee meeting.  In addition to a written report, the Chair shall make an oral report to the Club members on the committee’s work when invited to do so by the President at the Annual and Semi-Annual General meetings.

Social Convener

The Social Convener performs the following tasks:

  1. Shall be a member of the Executive Committee.
  1. Purchase kitchen supplies with the monies brought in from the teas.
  2. Prepare Volunteer Calendar for the Bowling months, leaving 3 spaces for volunteers to sign up to host the weekend teas.  
  3. Organize social events with Volunteers when the Executive Committee have approved dates.
  4. After the executive has approved the dates, ask for volunteers to host teas for Tournaments to be held at our Club.
  5. Keep a record of all Large Kitchen purchases over $25.00 for items  such as coffee makers, kettles etc.
  6. Transfer any profits to the Treasurer when they reach $200.00 or more or at the end of the Season.

House & Maintenance Chair

The House & Maintenance Chair performs the following tasks:

  1. Shall be a member of the Executive Committee.
  1. Buy and replace and burnt-out security, indoor and outdoor lights.
  1. Ensure fire extinguishers are maintained on an annual basis.
  1. Repair any bathroom or kitchen plumbing.
  1. Carry out needed repairs to the buildings, indoor or out.
  1. Maintain and repair the three gates when required.
  1. Paint buildings, benches and seats as necessary.
  1. Perform other maintenance as the need arises.
  1. As custodian of the Club Keys, issue and maintain a record of those members in possession of a Club Key.  Arrange the key press for the best security of the buildings, cupboards and equipment.
  1. Direct the interior cleanliness or the clubhouse by supervising the Club Cleaners.  Maintain the contract for the Club Cleaners.
  1. Purchase necessary supplies required for maintenance and cleaning.
  1. Perform duties as requested by the President.

Membership Chair

The Membership Chair performs the following tasks:

  1. Shall be a member of the Executive Committee.
  1. Keep an updated copy of the roster of all Club members provided by the Secretary.
  1. Searching out sources of new members.
  1. Carrying out initiatives which motivate people toward lawn bowling, including membership drives.
  1. Inviting groups of potential members to the Club and through prior arrangements, have the Coaching Chair explain and demonstrate the game.
  1. On approval of the Coaching Chair, recommend new membership applications to the Executive Committee.
  1. Devise and implement systems which will help new members to blend in to the Club population such as Mentorship concept.
  1. Maintaining the Tag Board, adding new members and removing those tags not in use from the board.
  1. Ensuring that all recent members are kept informed of by-law changes, rule amendments, future Club activities and other pertinent information which will make them feel at home.

The Chair shall report progress of the Membership Committee work and make appropriate recommendations at each meeting of the Executive Committee.  In addition to a written report to the Club Secretary, the Chair shall deliver an oral report to members when invited to do so by the President.

Coaching Chair

The Coaching Chair shall be appointed by the President.  The Chair performs the following tasks:

  1. Liaising with the Membership Chair and the Club Secretary to ensure that phone numbers are available for all new and potential members so that they can be contacted relating to the training program and dates.
  1. Arranging for the Club President to be present to launch the course.  The Greens Chair should also be aware of the opening session.
  1. Preparing course objectives, curriculum and a training schedule for issue to novices and coaches.
  1. Meet with qualified Club Coaches and arrange for trainers for each instructional period on the training schedule.
  1. Present written and oral test questions to ensure that the required knowledge has been gained.
  1. Invite interested club members to assist with sessions on the green.
  1. Provide sufficient practice time on the green to ensure that the novices have achieved a smooth delivery and have sufficient knowledge and skill to play a game of bowls.
  1. Throughout the playing season observe and tactfully offer assistance to novices and regular members who acquire poor delivery habits.
  1. Arrange for a “graduation” upon completion of the course.  The graduation should include a game with club members and congratulations from the President.
  1. Where possible, introduce novices and help them to feel welcome in the Club.
  1. Ensure that Membership and the secretary are made aware of the names and phone numbers of all who have attended and passed the course.

Telephone Committee

The Telephone Committee Chair shall be appointed by the President.  The Chair performs the following tasks:

  1. Shall enlist sufficient club members to serve as phoners so that the Club members can be quickly contacted by the committee.
  1. Shall ensure that, when deemed necessary, all club members are informed of special events and social activities.
  1. Shall be in possession of a current membership list including phone numbers.
  1. Shall report progress and make appropriate recommendations to the Executive Committee.

Addendum To Games Co-Chairs 

Men’s Friday Morning League

Provides an opportunity for all club men to play on the greens of other clubs, meet and make friends from other clubs and get a taste of competition.  The players range in experience and ability from Canadian Champions to early novices.  Many BSI men view the Friday morning bowling as the highlight of their bowling experience.  Every man should be given an opportunity to play on Friday morning program.

Afternoon Draw

With very few exceptions, is available to all members every afternoon.  Tags must be placed on the Draw Board ten minutes prior to draw time.  The normal team format is Triples or Pairs, with odd numbers of players making up a Cutthroat game.

Afternoon draws are the Club’s daily recreational and social events.  Members are urged to participate as often as they can.

On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, play breaks off in mid game for refreshments.  Tea days are popular and usually well attended.  Whites are required for Club and inter-club competitions but are optional for afternoon draws.